Tips Uninstall MS-Office 2016

Microsoft Office is one of the most common suites of application, every computer user is using for home and business PC. The package includes MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, Publisher and other applications. With time, Microsoft has launched various versions of MS Office. Every new version came up with some of the exciting features that enabled the users to do a number of tasks without any hassle and at the same platform. Today, you can install the MS Office on Windows OS, Mac OS or mobile phone.

Already using MS-Office 2016 but want to upgrade it to the latest version? For this, you need to uninstall the previously installed Office from your device (laptop, desktop or 2-in-1). You would also want to uninstall MS Office if there is some error in its working. However, to do so you don’t need to be a pro. This article will provide you the complete procedure for the same. Have a look:

  • The first step is to select your operating system
  • Download the Office uninstall tool, i.e. Microsoft Fix It
  • Run the Fix It

Solutions for Windows 10 Crash Issues after Anniversary Update

Though the Anniversary Update is a necessary part of the Windows 10 operating system, it also comes with various problems, such as system freezes and crashes after installation. Many users have reported that their PCs boots usually into Windows 10 after installing updates, with everything functioning properly for 20 seconds. Subsequently, the mouse freezes and an error message appears stating that the ‘Windows is not responding.’ Aside from freezing, users also face the Windows 10 crashing issue along with Blue Screen errors. Fortunately, there are a few possible workarounds that you can refer before contacting the Windows 10 support phone number for help.

Fix 1 – Enter Safe Mode

On the occasion of Windows 10 crash, and freeze issues, one way to avoid that happening is to run Safe Mode. It can be the best to find the correct reason of problems and work efficiently without any problems. To enter Safe Mode, here’s the process:

1. Reboot your computer in the boot sequence to start the Automatic Repairing procedure.
2. Select the ‘Troubleshoot,’ and then the ‘Advanced’ options, followed by the ‘Startup’ settings. Click the

Ways to Improve Network Performance and Security

In this article post, we bring you the top five ways that will make your network faster and also reconfigure your existing hardware to strengthen its security. So, let’s get started!

1.    Disk Striping
Most of the time, we think that network is one of the major problems, but it isn’t. If you have plenty of hard drives, you can merge them into one logical drive where your data is striped around them. However, there are some restrictions, but it will definitely increase the performance.

2.    Remove Network Protocols
If you are still using Appletalk, TCP/IP, NetWare IPX, and NetBEUI protocols on your server, you should remove the ones you are not using. This will not only improve the performance but also tighten the security of your existing network.

3.    Implement WAN Bandwidth Saving Models
You can find various technologies that automatically change the model of a network, which dramatically lower WAN utilization for latency. Some of the examples are content networking, Web Services, WAFS, and terminal services.

4.    Balance your system Bus Load
Like disk striping, you don’t need all of your I/O for your NIC and your tape drives, and hard drives on the same bus. There

What’s New in Office 2013

Microsoft’s Windows 8, a redesigned version of OS in the series of most versatile operating system in user friendliness, Windows, has been recently introduced. Windows 8 is a one-size-fits-all concept based OS for every device, be it a desktop PC, touch tablet or phone. Microsoft Office 2013 is a part of this venture, yet to be announced for its launch date and price.

Office 2013 is not just a document utility and productivity suite like its earlier versions but is integrated with many in-demand features to enhance the user experience. Office has been introduced with features and in-built applications, which users usually imagine to have in their office suite. Some of the features introduced in Office 2013 are:

  • PDF Edit: Office 2013 is integrated with a PDF editor taking inspiration from the habit of people to first convert their PDF to a Word file and then edit it. Now users can open their PDFs directly in a Word file and edit it, the need to separately convert the file has been by-passed in office 2013.
  • Touch Stimuli: Office 2013 is equipped with the capability to work equally efficient on a touch device as it works on a desktop because touch is the essence of devices nowadays. Though the concept of touch doesn’t

How to install Skype on Computer

Are you looking for ways to install Skype on computer? If yes you want to download the latest version of Skype then go to Skype official website. The new version has a number of security things in which through which you do not get issues in your Skype account. The Skype app is about 1MB in size. When you run the install file, the process will start and the installer will download your Skype application in the background. In case you have a poor internet connection and the download will drop then you can resume the download as soon as connectivity is restored.

Here you will get complete steps on how to install Skype application on your computer. The process is much easy and the app helps you to connect with your friends, relatives via free messages and calls.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to install Skype

  • First you need to go to the official home page.
  • Now tap on the Download Skype option available on the page.
  • After this a page will appear where you have put your information to create an account.
  • You can simply skip the registration step you sign in

Test Software in any Automation Drive

Automated software testing includes the testing results of what are the outcomes from an already predicted outcome of an automation drive and how that can be useful to recheck the overall performance of all the software regulated to automation drive. It makes all the tests easier that it could be to perform manually or one by one. It still has its consequences in terms of continues testing.

To understand this method of automation testing we can have an example of changing a softwareconfiguration in a certain part of the software. Now testing this software manually can be very much laborious and tough task as well as it consumes much of time of human working hours. Whereas with the help of test automation we can easily and effectively test the automation drive even after several changes in a certain configuration, patches or any other development in a software and can easily test its performance and linkups with other preloaded software programs.

The testing includes several methods including the graphical UI testing, API testing, unit testing, and continuity testing. And for the start, we can have a look at User interface testing which is the most visible part of a drive test where it checks the system software with the help of keystrokes and mouse clicks to confirm a user-friendly interface of

How to Improve Windows Operating System Security 10

To fix these Windows 10 issues, you can take trustworthy technical support assistance from a third party technical support providing firm, like Atlas, and get reliable Windows support. You can also contact Microsoft Windows 10 support toll-free number to get help for Windows 10 issues and solutions from certified technicians in a proper manner.

Here, you will get the full details about the most serious issues that users face in Windows 10, along with simple steps to fix them. Windows 10 is an amazing Operating System that has been getting good user base, and it shows that Microsoft is genuinely invested in a quality product.

But before upgrading to Windows 10 OS, you have to understand that there are still some major issues with the operating system. If you want to upgrade to current OS now, then you can take trustworthy technical support from Microsoft to fix these problems. You can also contact third party Windows 10 support for help on issues with Windows 10 start menu from expert technicians in a customized manner.

As Windows 10 operating system was launched two years back and has been a solid topic of the technical world ever since. About ten million users downloaded the Operating System just in 24 hours after its launch. This is because of the fact that Microsoft offered Windows 10 as a free download for

Review of latest Bit defender Antivirus in 2016

In fact, over 80% of Amazon customers shopping for antivirus software end up choosing BitDefender Antivirus 2016 after viewing the BitDefender Antivirus2016 page.

Installation and Setup

Installing Bitdefender is simple as a few mouse clicks. The installation wizard takes you through each step, whether you select the typical or custom setup option. The last window tells you to restart your PC for the settings to take effect.

In order to avoid interference, Bitdefender eliminates any other antivirus software you may have on your PC.

You can select from three different user levels at setup. If you wish to modify that setting at a later date, just go to the settings menu to select a separate mode. The beginner mode features settings preset to provide maximum safety without any requirement for input from the user. The middle setting offers more options, with a user-friendly tabbed interface. The expert mode permits the user full control of all the features.

Features and Interface

Once Bitdefender has been installed on your PC, it needs very little attention. It runs in the background until it finds a specific issue; then a small window pops up in the

Types of Data Backup Inside the Computer

Backup of system is essential as it helps the user to access all their files in case their system is compromised. There are various ways in which a backup of the system can be done and some of them are explained below:

  1. Full Backup: In this technique, all the important files and folders selected by user are selected and backed up. For the next run, the similar procedure is followed again and entire list is backed up again. It generally takes more storage space but its restores are fast and easy
  2. Incremental Backup: In this technique, all the files and folders are backed up which are modified from the last backup. Hence, in this first backup is the full backup and afterwards the backup is done only of the files which are changed after the last backup. The storage space required is less and backup is faster but restores are generally slower.
  3. Differential Backup: In this technique, all the files and folders are backed up which are modified from the last full backup. Hence, in this first backup is the full backup and afterwards the backup is done of the files which are changed after the last full backup.
  4. Full PC backup: In this technique, everything starting from images, videos, files, documents, operating system, registry etc. are backed up.

Tips To Hire The Best Computer Repair Company

People who have desktops or laptops, even smartphones and other computer systems frequently need computer repairs services. While considering all the points, there are some crucial parts of hiring a repairing firm that has practical experience in an extensive variety of modern computing devices.

For instance, recognizing what to expect from an organisation that provides computer repairs is important to ensure that you get a fantastic experience.

Let’s take a look at some points that you need to look in a computer repairs company.

Strong Portfolio – A Really Long List Of Satisfied Customers

There are many organisations that offer repair benefits throughout Northern Beaches, but you need to find one company that has demonstrated again and again that it can to give extraordinary services at affordable costs. Find a company that has a good reputation and a long list of highly satisfied & fulfilled customers, which tells new and potential customers that they have picked the best computer repairs company in Northern Beaches.

This is maybe a standout among the most imperative parts of hitting the bull’s eye when it comes to pick a computer repairs organisation. A strong portfolio filled with satisfied customers is frequently the best indicator that this organisation offers what it promises.

Should Be One Of The Leading Computer Specialists

What is NEON Project Worth It In Windows 10

Always at the forefront of reinventing their operating systems, it appears Microsoft is planning more changes to Windows 10 in the coming months. While some upgrades are required by Microsoft, the Project NEON update for Windows 10 is something that the customer can choose to apply onto their system. And many customers will be wondering whether the Project NEON upgrade will provide them with the aesthetic and practical benefits that would make such an upgrade worth the time and money it takes to get the installation and servicing completed.

When dealing with any Windows upgrades, it is important for businesses to get the appropriate Windows 10 Support from a reputable company. If your company is currently using the latest version of the Windows 10 systems on your company computers, you may be wondering whether the Project NEON upgrade is something to consider. Ultimately, the decision will come down to you, but most experts would err on the side of upgrading the system with Project NEON as soon as it becomes apparent that the upgrade is stable and as effective as the current advertisements are suggesting.

The situation with any Windows 10 Update is more than what you get visually. Yes, Project NEON is presenting some very interesting visuals, and we are curious to see how many animation and usability changes they are making to

Simple Tips Prevent Virus Attacks on Computers

Millions of harmful viruses are infecting user device every day all over world. Computer attacks are so common these days that even after taking necessary precaution, victimizes a user device with a little negligence. The virus once into a user’s device it makes the working of PC very improper and so will give user number of problems on machine.

Some common signs of virus infection on device are:

Abrupt PC working – Arrival of any threat into a device mismanages all working of PC and thus slows down its working along with improper execution of device program.

Unnecessary ads pop-up – It will give user unnecessary ads pop-up and so will make user frustrated while browsing on system.

Improper programs execution – All the crucial applications on PC as like anti-virus tool, firewall, and other security settings will start to work incorrectly. So, much issue to user on detecting and removing the threat.

Search engine redirection – The default browser setting will also be changed that will make user unwontedly visit some questionable page while surfing Internet on system.

It is not just that the PC virus only comes to harm only files and proper working on PC, but also the virus is able

The Poster Printing Process is Now Easier

Printing posters can be a daunting task if you are using the traditional form of printing poster but if you are using the printer as well, sometimes you might find it difficult to deal with the process. Poster printing process, if you are familiar with the process, can be an enjoyable task. So, let’s make the process easier and familiar for you and give us a feedback whether it helps:

During the process of printing posters, you have to resize and fix the settings of an image or picture before it can be printed to poster-size. Then you have to design the layout to ensure that the poster is printed apt to the medium/format. You can use HP Officejet 4500 cartridges for the marvelous detailing as poster requires great resolution for better effect.

The other way to make the process easier is by using software and it can help you manage the image more easily. There are various software which can help you with an open-source, these are free software application designed for use in Windows operating software. Find an apt software that can let you create a poster out of an image from your files with quality ink cartridges. The steps to convert the image to a poster are basically the same as in similar

Tips For The Best Software on Your PC

Besides, you can regularly uncover software’s that will help you take care of issues you didn’t know you had, enhancing your PC’s general execution.

There are a few software’s you may know, some you may not. However once you’ve utilized them, you’ll think about how you ever lived without them.

These are the software’s that you need to introduce on your new PC first.

A browser

Before you move up your sleeves and begin throwing software around, make a point to get your most favorite Web browser. Utilizing Windows’ default Internet Explorer when you’re acclimated to something else is like wearing another person’s shoes. Firefox and IE 11 are both gigantic choices in their own privilege, yet we lean toward Chrome


Ninite makes loading up new PC a breeze. Essentially head to the Ninite site, select which free programming you’d like to introduce on your PC, it offers many alternatives, including a considerable lot of the softwares named here and click Get Installer to get a sole, custom .exe document containing the installers for those programs. Run the executable, and Ninite starts installing every one of them.

Free AVG AntiVirus

If you plan to join

Your PC Will be safe by installing AVG antivirus

Features that you can enjoy with AVG antivirus:

  • This antivirus is consists of Link Scanner active surf-shield, which ensures that the landing page you are going to visit is safe for you.
  • AVG contains search-shield to apply safety ratings to the search result of Google, MSN, as well as Yahoo.
  • This antivirus prevents your device from phishing attack, for securing your confidential information.
  • It offers you with the facility of downloading and exchanging files without any risk of viral infection.

Apart from these features there are many other features that you get in this antivirus, but with that technical issues are also there to irritate you. Call the tech experts at toll free Number AVG Help Number UK and the technicians are there to serve you with the solution you require.

If you are in search of ways to get this antivirus installed on your device then, here is the easiest way for you:

By following these steps you can easily get AVG antivirus installed in your device:

STEP 1: AVG antivirus is available at official website and you can download it by clicking on the “Download AVG now” button.

STEP 2: Click on “Save” button, and select the location where you want the installation file should be stored.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Laptop Charger!

There is absolutely no doubt a desktop can accomplish all certain requirements a laptop can do but, if we speak about comfort then laptops are surpassing those large and complicated desktops. You can do your workplace work by relaxing at your home comfortably than sitting at the chair in front of the desktop. Furthermore, you can bring your laptop easily exactly where you want.

The demand in this industry is unstoppable as new systems are being developed every day. Laptop chargers must be changed after 2-3 a years of use. The clients have to buy it to have the ability to match the efficiency of the laptop as well as decrease the electricity and vitality ingestion. Withered and exhausted chargers will probably take in more energy and subsequently raise the maintenance cost.

As everything is on the internet nowadays, so people are captivated towards online shopping hence they rather buy from online stores than any other place. Online sites provide us center to buy anything simply by sitting down at our home. It is merely a subject of solitary click. You merely have to choose your required product and place an order for it and within a couple of days you’ll get your product at

Reasons Why Your Internet Doesn’t Work!

“Aw, Snap! Google Chrome Support Ran out of Memory While Trying to Display This Web Page” This could be the most irritating message for an internet user using Google Chrome Setup for browsing the most common to the rarest websites. Apart from this, there are many other errors that may stop you surfing the internet. Though Google Chrome Support ensures safe and fast browsing experience yet the users may encounter some issues like page crash, slow loading of the web page, page load timeout and more. Let’s know about the five most common reasons that you are not able to access the internet.

      1.Check Your Internet Connection

One of the obvious reasons for your internet is not working, could be the disabling of Wi-Fi or local area network. Try restarting the connection by removing and then re-inserting the LAN cable or turning off and then ON the Wi-Fi connection.

       2.Slow Loading of a Web Page

Your internet is connected but the web page is still not loading. All you can see is a moving circle trying to load the page. The situation can get worse if this loading continues forever.

Tips on Securing Windows Boot Process 10

The basic function of an operating system is to offer a safe platform where all the applications and software can run smoothly. This requires a basic framework for a hassle-free program execution that can utilize the hardware and have a secure access to the system resources. To make operating system able to do this, several portions of the OS start and execute at system boot time. Apart from this, other features that provide this level of protection are as follows:

  • Smart Screen Filter
  • Windows Defender

The former i.e. smart screen filter warns the user every time they try to run an untrustworthy application. Please note that this filter works only for Windows 10 and later versions. On the other hand, Windows Defender provides high-end protection for your system files and applications from the harmful online threats as well as malware.

Rootkits are the set of tools used for hacking a device using a cracker. This cracker tries to gain the user-level access of your computer system by breaking a password or some other way. A number of rootkits that run during PC startup are kernel rootkits, firmware rootkits, driver rootkits and bootkits. The all new Windows 10 comes with four

Troubleshoot Hard disk Error in your HP PC

HP, the renowned multinational IT Company offers a wide range of laptops to suit the needs of consumers, small, medium and large enterprises. It also offers highly advanced PCs, tablets, printers, notebooks and display accessories. Just like any other software, you may experience an issue with your HP product. One of such issues is hard disk error before the computer starts. Yes, your HP PC may experience this problem during its whole lifespan.

“Hard Disk Error

Please run the hard disk test in system diagnostics.

Hard disk Error

F2- System Diagnostics”

This error clearly indicates an error with data, sectors and physical disk on the hard drive. Follow the below mentioned steps to get this error fixed:

  • Immediately backup all your important files and data. If you don’t know how to do this, check out the steps on HP website by choosing your operating system version. This backup is necessary to keep your data secure.
  • Now perform a hard disk diagnostic test to check the current situation of your hard drive.

To perform the diagnostic test, follow these steps:

  • Run the Hard Drive test in HP Advanced System Diagnostics. The test will take around one hour to complete the diagnosis.
  • Now, turn

Does McAfee Antivirus Slowing My PC

McAfee is one of the most popular antivirus software used by the consumers as well as businesses. It protects your computer system/laptop/mobile phone and tablet from harmful online threats like viruses, Trojan horses, scams and frauds. It also comes up with parental controls that allow you to decide which websites your children can browse through.

Besides providing a higher level of security with the aforementioned exciting features, the antivirus may cause your PC to work a bit slow. This generally happens when you install and then use the antivirus on an old PC. That’s because an old PC might not satisfy the system requirements this antivirus needs; which ultimately results in slow performance of your computer system. Apart from this, there are a number of other reasons that slow down your PC. These reasons have been mentioned below:

Automatic Updates

Like any other software, McAfee antivirus also includes a huge database, including the definitions of viruses. This database also needs to be updated to prepare the antivirus for any upcoming virus that may occur in the future. To update this database, you need to download them from the internet. That’s what McAfee does automatically whenever it finds an update available. This doesn’t require much processor power, but it still needs