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How to install Skype on Computer

Are you looking for ways to install Skype on computer? If yes you want to download the latest version of Skype then go to Skype official website. The new version has a number of security things in which through which you do not get issues in your Skype account. The Skype app is about 1MB in size. When you run the install file, the process will start and the installer will download your Skype application in the background. In case you have a poor internet connection and the download will drop then you can resume the download as soon as connectivity is restored.

Here you will get complete steps on how to install Skype application on your computer. The process is much easy and the app helps you to connect with your friends, relatives via free messages and calls.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to install Skype

  • First you need to go to the official home page.
  • Now tap on the Download Skype option available on the page.
  • After this a page will appear where you have put your information to create an account.
  • You can simply skip the registration step you sign in to the website through Microsoft Account.
  • If you have opened the website through your browser directly then there are also a number of boxes to fill.
  • You need to fill in your name and your email address in the given place.
  • The information which you add here is not visible to anyone until your permission. However, you do not need to fill the all the information.
  • Type the password in the given space. Make a strong password which consists of 6 to 20 characters.
  • After this in case you don’t want any type of emails from SkypeComputer Technology Articles, then untick the two boxes at the bottom.
  • Fill the “captcha” in the box and then tick on I agree and tap to Continue.
  • Now a window will appear it will ask want to have Skype Click to call. Mark on the Install Skype and continue.
  • Your Skype account is successfully installed on your computer. You can now find contacts and start making calls.

Test Software in any Automation Drive

Automated software testing includes the testing results of what are the outcomes from an already predicted outcome of an automation drive and how that can be useful to recheck the overall performance of all the software regulated to automation drive. It makes all the tests easier that it could be to perform manually or one by one. It still has its consequences in terms of continues testing.

To understand this method of automation testing we can have an example of changing a softwareconfiguration in a certain part of the software. Now testing this software manually can be very much laborious and tough task as well as it consumes much of time of human working hours. Whereas with the help of test automation we can easily and effectively test the automation drive even after several changes in a certain configuration, patches or any other development in a software and can easily test its performance and linkups with other preloaded software programs.

The testing includes several methods including the graphical UI testing, API testing, unit testing, and continuity testing. And for the start, we can have a look at User interface testing which is the most visible part of a drive test where it checks the system software with the help of keystrokes and mouse clicks to confirm a user-friendly interface of the software with the user.

API testing does not touches or interfere with the user interface of similar programming. It attacks the typical classes or libraries to validate the results of input arguments.

Though these test automation tools are effective but are also expensive if are used once in a while whereas one can really be a beneficiary of test automation if they use it frequently and continuously in log term.

Like a testing each time a new program is added or changed. Even for the research and development purpose. In that case, it solves a lot of man hours and technicalities and serves rapidly to get the best results as one expects.

All it needs is a software engineer who understands source codes to run and get outcomes accordingly.

The testing though can be done with the help of a model generated to run the test case and helps to create a user interface which is useful for a test engineer who doesn’t really knows any coding work and can be configured in any operating system, browser or smart device.

Automation is a crucial process where the testing team is responsible for what and when to automate as these are such crucial decisions to take as it needs to select the correct figures, features of the product for automation. Unstable features that are in a process of changes must be avoided as they can misbehave with the automotive software frameworks.

Unit testing includes xUnit frameworks which make the execution of unit tests easy and determine the facts of coding in various sections to make sure they are working as expectations. It is also widely known as TDD test driven development.  It’s a useful entity and is written even before codes to define the functionality. Evolution steadily makes these tests even more extended with the same speed of coding progress.  It helps to discover the issues and sorts them quickly and entirely.

The code is ready only after rechecking evaluation and passing after all the unit tests are done in a program. These unit tests are arguably the producers of the best software which are considerably the better and cheaper than the manual tests.

The code coverage is always better indeed.  This helps to test the codes immediately and effectively rather than making once for all and then checking the leakage in a waterfall.  This way the changes are much cheaper and effective as well as quick to fix.  Also, the code refactoring has its own benefits in this process of code transformation.

User interface testing or known as Graphical UI testing allows the user to interactively record and playback the user actions and playback them any number of times the user wants. It helps user compare the results with the expected results. In this way, even a nontech person or a layman can understand testing and compare.  These tests can be applied to the application having a graphical user interface.

The best example of this variant of testing is a browser which tests a website. The web pages play the interface and render the HTML and play the Documented Object Module instead of Operating system event. Selenium web driver is one of the kinds and serves its purpose perfectly.

It is also used as a test automation tool for mobile handsets applications where these are really useful because of different screen resolutions specifications and operating systems.  In the process of initiating and automation test for mobile softwareComputer Technology Articles, one needs a framework to understand the variations to initiate the actions on the mobile devices and gathering the information for research and development progress.

Automated software testing services provider suggest one more and the last and easier graphical user interface tests are the script less test automation where the user simply needs to fill up his own parameters and conditions to test as per required test that needs no records or playback but a model of the application.

How to Improve Windows Operating System Security 10

To fix these Windows 10 issues, you can take trustworthy technical support assistance from a third party technical support providing firm, like Atlas, and get reliable Windows support. You can also contact Microsoft Windows 10 support toll-free number to get help for Windows 10 issues and solutions from certified technicians in a proper manner.

Here, you will get the full details about the most serious issues that users face in Windows 10, along with simple steps to fix them. Windows 10 is an amazing Operating System that has been getting good user base, and it shows that Microsoft is genuinely invested in a quality product.

But before upgrading to Windows 10 OS, you have to understand that there are still some major issues with the operating system. If you want to upgrade to current OS now, then you can take trustworthy technical support from Microsoft to fix these problems. You can also contact third party Windows 10 support for help on issues with Windows 10 start menu from expert technicians in a customized manner.

As Windows 10 operating system was launched two years back and has been a solid topic of the technical world ever since. About ten million users downloaded the Operating System just in 24 hours after its launch. This is because of the fact that Microsoft offered Windows 10 as a free download for current Windows users, and also provided its Window 10 users with a particular service model that launches service packs every few months. But while using the software many users are confronting some security problems on Windows 10. To resolve this, you can visit Microsoft Windows official website for Windows 10 Technical Support.
The main problem lies in the fact that Windows 10 automatically stores user’s personal information, like Wi-Fi passwords, that can be encrypted and shared with users’ contacts. If you are facing this problem, you can just take reliable technical support from a third party technical support offering company and get reliable support for this Windows 10 Security Settings problem.
Below are some ways for keeping your private data secure in Windows 10:

1. Installation Steps

Always go for a step wise installation. This means that you can select and pick which features are allowed at the time of installation.

2. General Safety

Click the Start button > then Settings >then Privacy. Click on the General tab that will be on the left portion. From this, you can toggle on and off. Switching off the toggle switches will stop the other features too. In case you have any type of issue in applying these steps, you can call Microsoft Windows 10 help phone number for support on Windows 10 security essentials.

3. Get Technical Support to Increase Windows 10 Security Settings

Since the launch of Windows 10 OS, the technology world is regularly talking about the latest Windows 10 update from Microsoft. The best part of this upgrade was that it was free of cost for its users using Windows 7, 8 or vista. The very first problem in Windows 10 is that users are facing certain privacy problems. The users are by default assigned an advertising ID on their devices. Using that ID, the company can modify ads for web-browsing and use specific applications.

The next problem is that much of users’ personal information is synced with Microsoft’s servers. So the detail of users, like Wi-Fi password, can then be encrypted and shared with your contacts on Facebook using a facility called Wi-Fi sense. HenceFree Reprint Articles, users are not satisfied with this safety feature so to fix this problem you can dial a toll-free Windows support number and get immediate solutions.

Review of latest Bit defender Antivirus in 2016

In fact, over 80% of Amazon customers shopping for antivirus software end up choosing BitDefender Antivirus 2016 after viewing the BitDefender Antivirus2016 page.

Installation and Setup

Installing Bitdefender is simple as a few mouse clicks. The installation wizard takes you through each step, whether you select the typical or custom setup option. The last window tells you to restart your PC for the settings to take effect.

In order to avoid interference, Bitdefender eliminates any other antivirus software you may have on your PC.

You can select from three different user levels at setup. If you wish to modify that setting at a later date, just go to the settings menu to select a separate mode. The beginner mode features settings preset to provide maximum safety without any requirement for input from the user. The middle setting offers more options, with a user-friendly tabbed interface. The expert mode permits the user full control of all the features.

Features and Interface

Once Bitdefender has been installed on your PC, it needs very little attention. It runs in the background until it finds a specific issue; then a small window pops up in the lower area of your screen to alert you. Bitdefender requires only 60MB of space, so it doesn’t slow down your hard disk.

Bitdefender updates itself every few hour in order to keep up with the latest attacks. In addition, the software simply checks for potentially infected code, anticipating possible new malware attacks. And while one potential negative finding may not disturb your work by displaying up a warning message, a series of doubtful findings will trigger an alert.

In addition, this software also can remove viruses from incoming HTML, saving you from malware as it can cause any harm.

One of the most innovative features of BitDefender is the fact that you can set it and forget it. BitDefender will secure your PC from worms, spyware, Trojans, viruses and all other types of malware.

BitDefender can also stop attacks from the Internet, immediate messaging, and email. BitDefender scans all IM, web traffic and email, for malware. It can even encrypt your instant messages.

Besides Active Virus Control, BitDefender can even inform you if it notices DLL attacks or attempts to modify registry entries or system files.

In the 2016 version, BitDefender’s scanners run 30% quicker than the 2015 version, representing Software commitment to regularly improving an effective stuff that’s already one of the best antiviruses on the market.

Experts testing found that BitDefender had a success rate of 98% in finding spyware and viruses.

System Needs

BitDefender Antivirus 2016 needs an 800 MHz or higher processor, 200 MB available hard disk space (250 suggested), and Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher.

BitDefender 2016 is also designed to run well on laptops, and contains a special laptop mode planned to help protect battery life.

Help and Support

BitDefender 2016 has pre defined technical support, with solutions to most frequently asked questions. You can also reach the support team from within the product.

The BitDefender offers online support resources, and free 24/7 support. The BitDefender Tech Support team can be contacted via phone, online chat, or email.


Whether you’re searching for ease of use, top class antivirus protection, or a budget-friendly price, BitDefender Antivirus 2016 combines all the best features of antivirus security in one simple easy-to-use package.

You can browse the web, download files, read emails and IM secure in the peace of mind that comes when you know you are secured. Enjoy the best of the Internet without having to live in fear of the worst. You can be sure that you are secured both from known threatsScience Articles, but also from doubtful code that may represent a new threat.