Types of Data Backup Inside the Computer

Backup of system is essential as it helps the user to access all their files in case their system is compromised. There are various ways in which a backup of the system can be done and some of them are explained below:

  1. Full Backup: In this technique, all the important files and folders selected by user are selected and backed up. For the next run, the similar procedure is followed again and entire list is backed up again. It generally takes more storage space but its restores are fast and easy
  2. Incremental Backup: In this technique, all the files and folders are backed up which are modified from the last backup. Hence, in this first backup is the full backup and afterwards the backup is done only of the files which are changed after the last backup. The storage space required is less and backup is faster but restores are generally slower.
  3. Differential Backup: In this technique, all the files and folders are backed up which are modified from the last full backup. Hence, in this first backup is the full backup and afterwards the backup is done of the files which are changed after the last full backup.
  4. Full PC backup: In this technique, everything starting from images, videos, files, documents, operating system, registry etc. are backed up. Hence, in this technique the computer systems can be backed up to exact state when the last backup was take.
  5. Local Backup: In this technique, the backup of all the files and folders are done on an external hard disk or any other device. They provide faster and convenient way to restore the system.
  6. Cloud Backup: In this technique, the data is backed up on any storage facility which is maintained on the internet. The advantage is the user can restore backup anywhere if it has the proper login credentials.

There are many other backup techniques and each have its own advantages and disadvantages. Some backup techniques are good for some organization and hence there are no good or bad backup techniques, it all depends on which suits your organization best. Our organization deals in making wedding videos and once it is completed there is very less chance that we have to reedit the video. But we have to store all the copies if the customer asks for it because they may lost the DVD or their copy got corrupted. Hence, backing up of data is important for our organization. So, for our organization we will use incremental backup technique as it will only update files after the last backup. It provide with much faster backups and also storage space used is less as there is no duplication of file. For more help about computers, visitors can also check our Assignment Help UK services.

Upgrading Computer Components

Routine maintenance is also required for the computer to function smoothly. Hence, the checklist that the user should perform daily is as follows:

  1. Backup all the important files.
  2. Make sure that all the connections are right and there is no interruption in power supply to computer, printer etc. so that there is no loss of data.
  3. Make sure that computer is kept in a ventilated area. It reduces the chance of overheating and hence reducing any system crashes etc.
  4. Make sure that that you run scandisk to ensure that there are no errors in your hard drive. All the temporary internet files, cookies history etc. are deleted.
  5. The recycle bin should be empty and all unused programs should either be deleted or uninstalled from the system.
  6. The antivirus should be updated, run spyware software and update windows from time to time.
  7. Turn off the computer after the usage.